About Us

Advocatus Laboris means employment representative in Latin

Advocatus is the brainchild of Linda Ryder and Jeff Goldstein.

Linda and Jeff during their work as employment lawyers saw a need for detailed practical employment law training for those dealing with employment-related disputes.

Linda and Jeff are Directors of Goldstein Ryder Limited, a specialist boutique employment law practice in Christchurch for 11 years. In their roles, they mentored a number of junior employment lawyers and provided training courses for both the profession and their clients. In 2022, they decided to shift their focus away from acting for clients to supporting and training those working in the employment law field. Having accumulated 60 years of experience practising employment law they wanted to share all of their knowledge and experience with a wider audience. They see this as their opportunity to give back to the profession.

Advocatus aims to support employment law and HR representatives with all the resources they need to enable them to be competent, confident and efficient in their roles.


Empowering You to

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We are committed to enhancing your individual skills, knowledge and professionalism. This will empower you to succeed in your role as an Employment Lawyer, Advocate, HR Practitioner or People Manager.

Supporting Employment Relationships

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At the heart of everything we do is an employment relationship. Competent and well-trained employment law representatives and HR practitioners will provide successful outcomes for the parties to employment relationships.

Enhancing the Standing of the Employment Law Industry

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We want to enhance the reputation of the employment law industry through upskilling and training.


Linda Ryder

Linda is a specialist employment law representative. Linda practised law in Christchurch after being admitted to the bar in September 1993.

Linda has practised exclusively in the employment law field since 2003.

Linda has extensive experience representing both employees and employers to successfully manage their way through difficult employment issues.

Linda has assisted clients in all areas of employment law practice, including personal grievance claims, conducting disciplinary investigations, redundancy/restructuring proposals, drafting employment agreements (including both individual and multi-employer collective agreements) and collective bargaining. She has successfully represented many clients at mediation, the Employment Relations Authority and the Employment Court.

Linda has a pragmatic, problem solving and practical approach to her work.

Linda has presented employment law papers at a number of conferences. She has also run seminars for employment law representatives and clients.

Jeff Goldstein

Jeff is a highly experienced employment law representative. His experience includes being a partner in successful Sydney-based litigation practice and being a member of the Employment Tribunal from 1993 until 2002 where he adjudicated employment law cases. After leaving the Tribunal, Jeff was a specialist employment law barrister for approximately 10 years before he was instrumental in forming Goldstein Ryder Limited, a specialist employment law practice based in Christchurch.

Jeff successfully represented many employers and employees in all facets of employment law practice. He regularly appeared in the Employment Relations Authority and Employment Court.

Prior to 2020, Jeff was the convener of the Employment Law Section of the Canterbury Westland branch of the Law Society. In that role, Jeff organised and presented at numerous Employment Law Conferences.

Jeff is committed to sharing his finely honed advocacy skills, in-depth legal knowledge and extensive practical experience to assist those working in the employment law field.